What Are Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implants?

Teeth-in-a-Day is an advanced dental treatment that offers unmatched reliability. It is the closest you can come to the beauty and function of natural teeth! This implant-supported technique offers an incredible alternative to dentures, which can be uncomfortable enough to get the way of enjoying daily life. With this procedure, you will be able to enjoy eating your favorite foods again. With Teeth-in-a-Day, Dr. Brenner uses dental implants, which help anchor replacement teeth to your jawbone. This process can be implemented on your upper arch, lower arch, or both. If you take issue with your dentures, you are going to love your results. In one day, you will have an entire row of long-lasting, decay-proof teeth.

What Other Benefits Will Teeth-in-a-Day Provide Me?

  • A beautiful, natural-looking smile
  • Functionality that compares to 90% of natural teeth
  • Preservation of bone and soft tissue
  • Disease-free replacement teeth that are expected to last for decades
  • An alternative to less reliable or more invasive procedures

Is This Procedure Right for You?

Find out if Teeth-in-a-Day is the right course of action for you by scheduling an appointment to see Dr. Brenner today. Tooth loss is never easy for anyone. Dentures are a temporary fix, but as you age, you will continue to have more bone loss. Dental implants a more long-lasting solution.

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